Local Outreach

The very heart of Peninsula is to reach out to those in our local area.

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Through our local outreach initiatives, we partner with several organizations and ministries, working together to meet the practical and spiritual needs of the community we serve.

Our outreach teams are made up of a diverse group of people who have true servant hearts, and are always ready to embrace people from all walks of life with the joy, grace and love of Christ. Join us in making a difference and being the hands and feet of Jesus.

Overseas Outreach

Peninsula has been sending teams overseas on mission for over 25 years.

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Peninsula’s outreach was originally focused on sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those in the Philippines but now also includes providing resources and ministry to those in the Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Since 1989, both Roy and Gae Barrett have made over 35 trips and visited dozens of cities in the Philippines on various short term mission teams. In this time, they have trained and equipped over 400 Australians for short term mission work as well as conducting healing seminars for hundreds more local pastors and church workers. To date, over 35,000 people have come to the Lord and been birthed into churches through the ministry of APM. Countless others have been healed and released by the power of Jesus Christ.

APM has developed a successful evangelism strategy that includes heavy local church involvement in assimilating new believers into the local church. It also changes the focus of mission away from large-crowd crusade type evangelism to smaller meetings with multiple 1:1 and house visitation follow up. Lastly, it recognises the need for greater impartation and equipping of local pastors and leaders. Over the past twelve years, the methods introduced by APM have been highly successful in increasing discipleship of new converts and overall church growth. These methods are now being used by other missionary teams from Australia, Singapore, Cambodia, Taiwan, and Ireland.

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